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Info: King inaugurates Oncology, Hosting Centers In Al Hoceima (northeast)

King Mohammed VI on Friday inaugurated a regional oncology center and a host facility for cancer patients in the northeastern city of Al Hoceima.The facility will allow for providing care and treatment to poor cancer patients who usually endure additional suffering by moving far from their home to a different city. Spanning over 3,000 sq meters, the center includes, mainly an ambulatory unit, technical treatment units, a 35-bed hosting unit, and an administrative unit.



Info: Princess Lalla Salma inaugurates breast, cervical cancer screening center

Princess Lalla Salma, spouse of King Mohammed VI and Chairwoman of the "Lalla Salma Association Against Cancer" (ALSC) inaugurated, here Tuesday, the first screening center of breast and cervical cancer. Dubbed "Consultation, Diagnosis and Screening Center," the facility includes four units, namely specialized gynecological consultation unit, cervical cancer screening and diagnosis unit, breast cancer screening unit, and continuous training and awareness unit for medical and paramedical staff.



Info: Princess Lalla Salma inaugurates chemotherapy outpatient clinic in Rabat

Princess Lalla Salma, spouse of King Mohammed VI and Chairwoman of the "Lalla salma Association Against Cancer" (ALSC) inaugurated, here Monday, a 655,000 USD chemotherapy outpatient clinic at the National Oncology Institute (INO) in Rabat.



Info: His Majesty Declares November the 22nd as a National day for the Fight Against Cancer in Morocco

The King gave his agreement to proclaim the day of November 22 as a national day of fight against the cancer in Morocco after a request was made from H.R.H. princess Lalla Salma and of the ministers for health and social development.



Info: Princess Lalla Salma Inaugurates "La Maison de Vie" in Agadir

A regional space intended to temporarily house the needy patients who receive care in the oncology center in hospital Hassan II in Agadir.



Info: A New Discussion Forum is Now Available to the Community

In Order to better serve our community and bring it together, we now provide a discussion forum where you can share your stories and show compassion to other members.



Info: Launch of project to slash tobacco addiction in schools and businesses

The official launch was given in the town of Khemisset (80km east of Rabat) to the project called "Tobacco-Free Middle and High Schools and Businesses" aimed to prevent tobacco-related cancers in schools and businesses across the country.



Info: Cervix Cancer Vaccin - Gardasil will be soon Available in Morocco

Gardasil is already available in more than 80 countries and is more effective when taken between the ages of 9 and 26 years.



Info: 2nd National congress of the Moroccan Society for Breast Diseases (Soc. Mar. des Maladies du Sein)

In collaboration with the Association française de l'après cancer du sein (AFCAS) and Al Azhar oncology center, the SMMS organizes its 2nd national congress in Rabat under the high patronage of H.R.H. princess lalla Salma.



info: American Society of Clinical Oncology's Annual Meeting

The ASCO concluded today its 43rd annual meeting. This gathering of world experts in Oncology had as a subject “the Transformation of Research in practice” and lasted for 5 days.

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Info: Blood Test May Help Signal Tumor's Remission, Return in Throat Cancer Patients

A blood test that detects proteins commonly released by a growing tumor could one day become a useful tool for monitoring the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation treatment in people with advanced throat cancer.

Study published in the June 1, 2007, issue of Clinical Cancer Research.



Info: Princess Lalla Salma inaugurated in Casablanca “La Maison de Vie” (the House of Life)

This provisional lodging house offers to cancer patients and to their families assistance and psychological support. It is located on the Nador avenue in El Fida-Mers Sultan county.

The house is equipped with 40 beds and can accomodate up to 1000 residents per year.



Info: Nine Oncology Centers will be Available in Morocco by 2008

Mr. Mohamed Cheikh Biadillah, moroccan public health minister made the declaration in Marrakech during a scientific congres for the fight against cancer.



Info: First International Scientific Meeting of the National Federation of Private Oncolgy Centers

The national Federation of private oncology centers held its first international scientific meeting in Marrakech to discuss the new therapeutic prospects in the treatment of digestive and breast cancers.



Info: 100 to 180 Cancer Cases for Each 100.000 People in Morocco

The rate of cancer in Morocco varies between 100 and 180 cases out of 100.000 people, whereas the new annually recorded cases are estimated between 30.000 and 45.000, indicated the Minister for Health, Mohammed Sheik Biadillah.